Egg spaghetti with Serrano wrapped Asparagus

Egg spaghetti with Serrano wrapped Asparagus
Egg spaghetti with Serrano wrapped Asparagus
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Scrambled eggs are cooked as thin as crepes and sliced thinly to make “spaghetti” or strips like pasta and topped with asparagus wrapped in Spanish dry-cured ham known as Serrano, and garnished with tomato concasser. Serrano ham, also known as jamón iberico or pata negra is sold in gourmet stores and is considered to be one of the finest hams in the world.

Serrano ham is produced in the south and southwestern Spain and comes from Spanish Iberian pigs. The style of making Serrano is similar to making Parma ham, although the two are distinct in taste. This special ham is classified according to how long it is aged and what the pig was fed on. For example, pigs fed on acorns and aged up to four years are called jamón iberico de bellota.

In this recipe, Serrano ham is carved into thin slices and wrapped around blanched asparagus then seared until a bit crisp on the outside. If you can’t find Serrano ham or if it is not available, you can also use other types of ham such as jambon de Bayonne, Italian prosciutto crudo, or Parma ham all of which are good substitutes and go well with asparagus.

Make sure you blanche the asparagus before you wrap it in the ham and sear it in the hot skillet. Trim the asparagus to get off any hard and stringy parts at the bottom then rinse and pat dry. Bring a pot of water to a full boil and fill a bowl with ice water and set aside. Drop the asparagus in the boiling water for a minute, no more and no less, then immediately remove them from the water and dunk them in the ice water to cool them completely. This will ensure that the asparagus stays crisp yet tender and bright green in color for an elegant looking dish.


10-15 min

20 min


  • Egg Spaghetti

  • 3 eggs

  • 6 organic grape tomatoes, cut in half

  • 10g hydrated porcine mushrooms

  • 10g fresh oyster mushrooms, torn

  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • Tomato concasser

  • 2 large hot house tomatoes

  • 1/2 tsp finely chopped garlic

  • 1/2 tsp finely chopped shallots

  • 1/2 tsp finely chopped parsley

  • 1 tsp olive oil

  • Serrano wrapped asparagus

  • 2 thin slices of Serrano ham

  • 5 pieces medium sized asparagus

Preparation Instructions


1To make the egg spaghetti, whisk the eggs and pass through a fine strainer. In a frying pan make very thin crepes with the egg mixture. When cooked, roll them on a cutting board and slice thinly. In a pan, saute the tomatoes and mushrooms in hot olive oil.


Add the egg and toss several times. Season. 2To make the tomato concasser, slice the tomatoes into quarters, remove the seeds and some of the inside flesh, and dice very fine. Sauté garlic and shallots in olive oil.


Add the tomato and toss. Add the parsley and season with salt and pepper. 3To prepare the Serrano wrapped asparagus, blanch asparagus in rapidly boiling water. Lay ham out flat and place the asparagus across the ham.


Roll around the stems and wrap tightly. 4Sear the asparagus and ham in a pan making the ham crisp around the outside. Place the hot egg spaghetti on the plate and place the asparagus on top. Garnish asparagus with the tomato concasser.

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